Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CTMH Convention ~ Out With The Old (Retiring Products), In With The New (August 1st)

CTMH is having the big convention (starting today for leadership day) and going until Saturday July 1st. I'm bummed since I couldn't go...but excited for all my consultant friends that are going to be there. This is the time we find out what's in the next annual catalog...all the new exciting products! Which, as a consultant, I find out early (become a consultant and you can order it all early too!).
This is also the time to remember just about everything in the annual catalog right now is going to I make sure to look it all over really well, and make sure if there is any products in it that I still want...I should order it now before it's gone!

CTMH Convention

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sales, Sales, And More Sales! Want A Special Gift From Me?

I thought I'd share some special deals CTMH is having until the end of June (unless they sell out before that date!). The first one a photo album and get the 2nd one for 50% off. When you add the two prices together it's a pretty good price to get a few albums (who doesn't have photos that need to get out of boxes and into albums to share?).

If you don't have time to really scrapbook the photos...just buy our pocket memory gets the photos into albums and keeps them safe with almost no work.

CTMH Photo Album Sale

The second special we just found out about today...cardstock is 25% off...this is a great deal too! I wouldn't wait if you want to order because I have a feeling the cardstock will sell out fast! Look at all these pretty colors! If you order the combo packs you'll get 2 pieces of each color in the pack. For less than $50 you could have all the colors and be ready for any project you'll need cardstock for! 

Order today at my website! And anyone who orders $50 or more from now until the end of June will get a special gift from me!

CTMH Cardstock Sale