Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea ~ Beautiful Necklace Charms

I thought today I'd share the necklace charms I made for a bunch of my holiday gifts. I thought you guys might be interested in how I made them since I've had a few people ask me already. I used metal washers (from Home Depot). I used a black Sharpie on the rim (you could leave that off if you're ok with the silver washer side showing). I cut the paper to fit the circle (I hand cut because I was too lazy to pull out my Cricut and try to figure out the sizes). Then I used liquid glass (Z679) on both sides (you need to make sure it's 100% dry on one side before you do the other or it won't come out good). Once it was completely dry on both sides I put the string on (got that at the local craft store). Then I put them on the little card you get from inside the Polar Pals Card Kit (X8627) and used those cards as the holiday card to go with the gift. :)

Ps. As a side note: I saw one of the people that my daughter gave them to yesterday (they were for school teachers as their holiday gift) and she already had her's on and in the pouring rain just had to tell how much she loved it. Made my day (even getting totally wet).  

The top picture was the front side and the bottom picture was the back side. I made them 2 different designs so they could change them up once in a while.

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