Friday, September 2, 2016

September's CTMH Special ~ Creating Kindness! Adorable Card Kit With Stamp Storage Box Included!

I wanted to share this month's special with you. It is all about "Creating Kindness". CTMH put together an adorable 3x3 card kit...even comes with a cute storage box to hold the M-size stamp sets...the kit comes with 8 sets you can only get this month. You can order most of the items separately, but you do get a cute small ink pad that you can't get outside of the kit...and you also get the kit for 15% off when you buy the items as a kit.

CTMH Creating kindness Card Kit

With all that's been going on around us lately...CTMH thought it would be nice to create some kindness to share with those we care about! So, click HERE to order your kit and you can share kindness too!

CTMH Kindness Cards

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