Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quote Book ~ A Poem To Add To Your Book ~ Spring Garden

Today I'm sharing a poem for our "Quote Books".

Spring Garden

Jack Frost has upped and gone away,
To his icy summer home.
He stays there whilst the sun is warm,
Its not safe for him to roam.

Now he's left the earth warms up,
And flowers start to grow.
Peeking through the heating soil,
Growing quickly for a show.

Crocuses and Daffodills,
Green shoots poke through the ground.
And with each day as spring returns,
They burst up all around.

When spring arrives the garden glows,
With yellows, blues and reds.
Stretching in the sunny warmth,
Whilst Jack is safe in bed!

I thought I would share this poem today because while my family was visiting son loves to garden with his Grandmother. I wanted a poem to go with the photos we have of them gardening together. Anyway, don't forget to stop back again for more quotes or poems next week. Hope you enjoy this poem!  (Ps. I found this poem at

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