Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Loving My New Everyday Life Mini Album / Planner!

I thought today I'd share the "Everyday Life" planner / my crush album. You can use it as a planner or as an album. You can buy the planner pages (Z3209) and get yourself, your business, and/or your family more organized...or you can buy the memory protectors (Z3192 and Z3191) and make it into a my crush (Z3210) mini album (some people are even using it for both). The album (Z3208) is black with pretty gold flowers on the front. I decided to add a little more to decorate my album. I thought I'd share it to give you ideas for when you order your album. Tell me what you think?!  

CTMH Everday Life Planner Mini Album

CTMH Everday Life Planner Mini Album

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