Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quote Book ~ A Poem To Add To Your Book ~ Dad

 Today I'm sharing a poem for our "Quote Books".


A Dad is a person who is loving and kind, and often he knows what you have on your mind. He's someone who listens, suggests, and defends. A Dad can be one of your very best friends! He's proud of your triumphs, but when things go wrong, A Dad can be patient and helpful and strong in all that you do, a Dad's love plays a part. There's always a place for him deep in your heart. And each year that passes, you're even more glad, more grateful and proud just to call him your Dad! Thank you, Dad... for listening and caring, for giving and sharing, but, especially, for just being you!

I thought I would share this poem today because Father's Day is right around the corner. I figured we'll all be working on cards and gifts so this poem might come in handy. Anyway, don't forget to stop back again for more quotes or poems next week. Hope you enjoy this poem! (Ps. I've had it in my "Quote Book" for a while and don't know where I got it from.)

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