Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Video ~ Get Organized! ~ Makes Getting Crafty (Scrapbooking, Card Making, Paper Crafts, Home Decor) Easy And Fun!

I thought today I would share a video that Close To My Heart put on youtube called "Get Organized!". I thought I would share this video because it shows you a great product CTMH sells (there are also small and medium size organizers too). Part of being crafty is being makes doing projects so much easier (and faster) if I can find what I need to make my projects. I love that everything I need is in a spot, and I can go right to get right to work. It not only keeps it organized but it protects my supplies too. I love that the containers have handles so I can take them with me to a crop if I want...and I love that they all stack together and look great in my craft space. So, take a few minutes and check out the video!

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