Monday, April 28, 2014

Cute Post-it Note Gift For My Son's Teacher...She Is Appreciated!

I thought today I'd share a cute little gift I gave to my son's teacher. It was a little something to thank her for coming in one evening to school for their open house. I always like to thank the teachers and let them know that I appreciate them. It was a post-it note she could keep on her desk. I used Lollydoodle paper and white cardstock. The stamp set is from the Lollydoodle WOTG kit. I sponged the edges to make it not so white looking. It gives it just enough color I think. I just love to give little gifts to let others know they are important in my life...that they are appreciated.  


  1. Simply adorable and I am sure the teacher loved this gift of appreciation. Blessings, Catherine